Image Accordion documentation

Accordion items

You can add here the clickable items that are displayed in the accordion. You must choose (a) at least 2 images and fill their title (b) and the destination link (c), that can be an external link (custom url) or a page from your site.

You can reorder items dragging (d) them up ot down to another position.


Changing the different options you can control the visual aspect of the accordion.

  • e. Inactive item dimension: the size items will have when they are collapsed.
  • f. Active item dimension: the size items will have when they are selected and expanded.
  • g. Items separation: distance between two consecutive items.
  • h. Separation color: color of the space between two consecutive items.
  • i. Menu position: defines if the accordion is displayed either vertically or horizontally.
  • j. Height/Width of the menu: if the menu position is set to 'horizontal' it sets the height of the menu, if the menu position is set to vertical it sets the width.
  • k. Animation effect: establish the animation displayed when an item is selected or deselected.
  • l. Transition duration: in miliseconds, controls the time that the animation effect lasts.
  • m. Fade in / fade out the item's title: if checked, the title of an item appears when selected. If unchecked, the title is showed by default and vanishes when the item is selected.