Wiki syntax 

If you want to spice your table with some formatting, we have added support for a simple wiki-style formatting, so that you can:

  • Break lines (Syntax: \\ )
  • Write text in bold (Syntax: **bold**)
  • Write text in italics (Syntax: ''italics'')
  • Insert inlined images in your text (Syntax:  {{URL to image}} or {{URL to image|Alt text}} )
  • Insert links in your text  (Syntax:  [[link]] or [[link|text to display]] ). Links to images open in a lightbox-like manner.
  • You can combine inlined images and links to create thumbnails with both, small images and larger ones, so that the large images only get loaded when the thumbnail is clicked (Syntax: [[large image||{{small image}}]]).

A table with style

Formatting optionSample
Line breakold pond . . .\\a frog leaps in\\water’s sound\\([[|Matsuo Basho]])
BoldThose who believe in telekinetics, **raise my hand**.\\Kurt Vonnegut
ItalicI can resist anything ''but temptation''.Oscar Wilde, Lady Windermere's Fan
Bold and italics**''Mrs Bun''**: Have you got anything without Spam?\\''**Waitress**'': Well, Spam, egg, sausage, and Spam; that's not got much Spam in it.\\**''From Monty Python's Flying Circus''**
LinksRead the [[/demos/easy-tables/easy-tables-documentation/|documentation]] is an internal link (opens in the same tab), but [[|try Concrete5]] is an external one (opens in a new tab)
Images{{|Supported}} This feature is supported
Links and images[[|{{|Concrete5}}]] (external, opens in a new tab)\\[[/demos/easy-tables/easy-tables-documentation/|{{|Binary Blocks}}]] (opens in the same tab)
Links to images (with this you can have **thumbnails**)[[|Use a text]] or an image, to create a thumbnail [[|{{|The card players by Cezanne}}]]
Escape formatting characterThe character ~ can be used to escape a formatting character (just in case you want to display text wich usually would get formatted, but without formatting it, for example: ~**this is not bold despite the double asterisks**)