Easy Tables

With the Easy Tables addon for concrete5 you can create a table from any CSV file that you had uploaded to your site. It's as easy as its name says:

  1. select a CSV file from concrete5's File Manager
  2. choose wich options you want to apply to your table (searchable, paginated, etc.)
  3. choose an style and a color to match your own site look and feel

there is no fourth step: you are done!

Of course, there is a lot more that Easy Tables can do for you, this is only the basic set up, we will show you all the possibilities.

Continue reading to view some examples.

From your spreadsheet to your web!

From your spreadsheet to your web!

Use your preferred spreadsheet  (LibreOffice, OpenOffice, Excel, etc.) to make yours edits, save your data as CSV and they are ready to be shown in your web!

We recommend using LibreOffice

As easy as it can get!

With no effort you can have in your site a table that that can be sorted, searched and paginated. Choose any colour that fits the look and feel of your site.

No HTML knowledge is required.

See an example

Click to see a live example of this featureClick to see a live example of this feature
Click to see a live example of this feature

Insert images in your tables

Insert an image in your table is as easy as writing the URL of the desired image in your CSV!

You can even make them behave as thumbnails that when clicked show the original image in a lightbox fashion.

Link autodetection

URLs and e-mail addresses are automatically detected and converted to the corresponding HTML link.

Click to see a live example of this feature

Youtube thumbnails

Linking to youtube videos in your table? No more boring "See the video at Youtube" and alike text links, use a thumbail instead! Just write the URL in the CSV and let Easy Tables do the rest!

Create beautiful feature comparison tables

It's stunningly easy. Enable this feature and yes/no/?/unknown cell values are converted to a pictorical representation. The same applies to achievement or progress data (%, X/Y), no more numbers... progress bars!

See an example of a feature comparison table

Click to see a live example of this feature
Click to see a live example of this feature

Wiki syntax

Just in case you want to spice up your table with some rich text content Easy Tables support a wiki-like syntax.

A very simple but flexible syntax that lets you insert bold, italics, images, links, ... even thumbnails with a lightbox effect!

Look, ma, no HTML!


The user interface presented to your visitors is avalable in many different languages.

Click to see a live example of this feature

Tables with style

Select among the predefined styles or use your own CSS to create beautiful tables.

Control column visibility

Allow your visitor to control what he/she sees by switching column visibility.

Column visibility
Search columns individually

Filter column contents

Besides the global search tool Easy Tables allows to filter the contents with a per column search.

Group rows

Group rows to make your data easier to apprehend!

Group rows
Click to see a live example of this featureClick to see a live example of this feature

Advanced possibilities

The tech-savvy user may take advantage of some javascript objects exposed by Easy Tables and squeeze the addon beyond the possibilities given through the UI. You will need some javascript knowledge and be able to build regular expressions, otherwise those examples are not for you.

Detailed documentation

Just take a look at it to get an exact idea of how to use Easy Tables.

Read the documentation

Jump to the documentation!



What's next?

We are always on the move! Help us know what would you like us to do next.

All the options that got voted from our past survey are now implemented and availables in Easy Tables, thanks for your feedback!

Results of survey:

Which new feature would you like the most?

Search per column, not all the data at once
Group data rows by a column's values
Automatically add a download link for the data
Let the user hide/show columns
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